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Cathodic protection specialists

Anode manufacturing expert in Lyon

As cathodic protection professionals, COREXCO is involved in the manufacture of anodes.

We offer our products to professionals in several cities of France, including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, etc.

Reliable and efficient products

Our company offers a complete range of anodes. We provide the best products suited to the needs of manufacturers and distributors. We sell sacrificial anodes (magnesium, zinc, aluminum indium, ribbon) and imposed current anodes (titanium MMO, platinum niobium, graphite, Ferro-Silicon).

Our company provides reliable products. Our anodes are designed to standards and with high quality materials. They are offered to all professionals in France and abroad.

We design, manufacture and market various types of anodes.

Fabrication d’anode Paris
Fabrication d’anode Paris

Specialist in cathodic protection

We do our utmost best to meet your demands and requirements for cathodic protection. We provide you with all the necessary materials suited to your needs, whatever the environment: earth, concrete and sea. We also work in the setting up your cathodic protection system, can control and maintain your existing facilities. We have the material means and technical skills to ensure quality work.

An expert in the installation of cathodic protection systems.

Our other products for cathodic protection:

  • Electrodes
  • Current rectifiers
  • Insulating joints
  • Special cables
  • Computerized voltmeters
  • Synchronized cyclic switches
  • Programmable cycle switches
  • Coke backfill

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