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Cathodic protection specialists

Electrode fabrication specialist in Lyon

COREXCO specializes in the manufacture of electrodes and other materials for cathodic protection.

We offer our products to professionals from different sectors of activity in several cities of France including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, etc.

High performance electrodes

Our company is involved in the manufacture of electrodes for cathodic protection installations. We make CELCO® reference electrodes consisting of copper/copper sulphate, zinc and silver/silver chloride. We can also provide other materials such as magnesium and zinc ribbons.

All our products are designed with reliable and high quality materials that remove meet the required standards. Moreover, all our products are offered to you at the best prices.

Our electrodes are designed with high performance materials.

Fabrication d’électrode Paris
Fabrication d’électrode Paris

Our other services

Our company also takes care of the installation of your cathodic protection system. Armed with high-performance equipment and supported by qualified technicians, we will be able to adapt our production according to your environment. We also intervene for other services such as the control and maintenance of your existing installation, the detection of coating defects as well as other services.

All our interventions are carried out in total compliance with the regulations in force.

We do all your cathodic protection work.

We bring you:

  • Our expertise
  • Our professionalism
  • Our rigor
  • Our responsiveness

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