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Cathodic protection specialists

Our Competencies

Engineering Works

Our technical department works in France and abroad in all fields related to cathodic protection by imposed current or by sacrificial anodes, as well as the following techniques: mitigation of vagabonds current, detection of faulty coating, accounting with updates of the grounding, analysis of the aggressiveness of soils ...

Our technical staff is certified by AFNOR.


  • Audit & Diagnostics
  • Specifications
  • Control and maintenance
  • Dimension study
  • Installation & supervision
  • Training

Our Focus:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Reinforced concrete, aerial
  • Pipeline
  • Underground tanks
  • Sphere under talus
  • Funds of ferries
  • Marine structures
  • Water treatment
  • Bridges / Platforms
  • Decanters and floats


Ingénierie et travaux

Controls and Measures

Represented on the national territory by a team of traveling technicians, COREXCO carries out more than 200 000 cathodic protection measures annually.

Our staff, trained in-house and qualified by the CFBP (French Butane and Propane Committee), is equipped with high-performance computing tools allowing permanent exchange between headquarters and our clients.

In addition to taking measurements, we offer GPS positioning, data processing, analysis of results with recommendations for solutions and archiving of secure data.

Contrôles et mesures

Maintenance and Expertise

The technical department of COREXCO ensures the maintenance of existing cathodic protection systems and makes expert interventions:

  • Ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of installations
  • Maintenance and systems rehabilitation
  • Corrosion and soil corrosivity studies
  • Detection of coating defects
  • Species Reconciliation Closure (CIPS) ....


We carry out internal measurements for various corrosion needs:

  • Corrosion characterization for different metals
  • Measurement of the rate of corrosion by linear polarization (applicable in sut)
  • Determining parameters of protection
  • Electrode calibration, impedance measurement
  • Production of copper sulphate and silver chloride gel
  • Chlorides, oxygen content (redox) and Ph analysis
  • Measurement of resistivity and presence of bacteria....