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Cathodic protection specialists

Metal protection specialist in Lyon

Based in Lyon, our company offers different methods of metal protection.

We offer more than 25 years of experience in this field.

Optimize the durability of your metallic elements

Our professional technicians put their experience at your service in the field of metal protection. We offer a variety of solutions to reduce the corrosion rate of your metallic materials. We master the techniques of protection by imposed current - a method which consists in circulating an electric current between an auxiliary anode and the material to be protected, which constitutes the cathode. We intervene on buried metal structures as well as immersed. Our company also controls the galvanic cathodic protection system.

We adapt the protection system according to the nature of a metal structure.

Protection de métal Paris
Protection de métal Paris

Reliable services

In addition to the installation of a system to protect your metallic installations, we also take care of other services. We intervene to check the proper functioning and efficiency of your existing system. We also take care of maintenance, rehabilitation and detection of possible coating defects. You can also entrust us with the study of corrosion and soil corrosivity, as well as other achievements. All our services are up to current standard and are carried out according to the rules.

We guarantee the conformity of our work.

We help you by offering:

  • Custom services
  • Benefits to standards
  • Good value for money
  • Full respect for our commitments

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